Cleaning is an essential part of any devices life, especially ones that use air to cool as oppose to passively cooling.
That's why we take cleaning seriously, of any device. We use static resistant mats, grounding bands and special tools to make sure your device is the safest it can possibly be when being cleaned. It'll look soo new, you'll wonder why you never got it cleaned before!
P.S. A deep clean means everything, this isn't a blow and go so to speak. Heatsinks will be removed, paste will be removed and re-applied etc - This isn't a quick, "phet, phet" from the ol' can of air 3,000.
  • "Jay really helped with my iPhone 6 really knowledge bloke and would happily go to him as apposed to one of the corporate giants like PC world again. So much cheaper and with a personal touch."
    Joseph lever
    Google Review
  • "Sorted out my wife's phone battery(Huawei) no problem, I usually have a go with stuff like this myself but didn't want to risk damaging the screen or back of the left the phone & it was all done in a couple of hours . From a chat about some computer issues I also am having this guy is knowledgeable & reliable."
    Andy Premierdm
    Google Review