We take old, broken and unwanted tech that's just laying in your draws, cupboards, garage or loft! Wherever you keep that tech you can't justify throwing away, but see no point keeping, you should bring it down to the shop! We make use of any and all tech, from phones, to computers, laptops and more!

Where is this shop?

Well, that's easy! It's in Tamworth's Town Centre! Next to the Tudor House and over the road from the Three Tons. We're based in Alpha Graphics and you can find directions directly there with the handy dandy button below!
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Will you Pay Me?

It really depends, if you'd like to recycle an iPhone for example and the screen is just broken, we can throw you a couple small notes for sure. But it's all on a case by case basis. If you'd like to enquire about it though, let's chat!